Advanced Violin Duos

Bodunov, Vladimir

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Bodunov Advanced Violin Duos

Score and two parts

Impressive show pieces for many occasions

Both instruments of equal standing

Perfect for auditions, recitals, parties, and celebrations

Vladimir Bodunov’s challenging duet arrangements make it possible to achieve a rich orchestral-like sound with only two instruments. He has taken great care to make the instruments equal in importance; the solo and accompaniment roles constantly alternate.

These six classical pieces enable (prospective) music students, advanced or professional musicians to give impressive recitals and auditions or to leave a lasting impression at parties and celebrations.

Bodunov, Vladimir
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Concerto grosso D minor RV 565 [Vivaldi, Antonio]
  2. Toccata and Fugue D minor BWV 565 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  3. Overture from The Marriage of Figaro K.492 [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  4. Overture from The Barber of Seville [Rossini, Gioachino]
  5. Cavatina Figaro from The Barber of Seville [Rossini, Gioachino]
  6. On the Beautiful Blue Danube [Strauss, Johann (Son)]

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