Ancient Modes of Transport (Piano Duet)

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Buckland Ancient Modes of Transport (Piano Duet)

With a clever play on the words “Ancient Modes”, Graham Buckland presents eight character pieces for piano duet which effectively portray various mythical modes of transport and at the same time are based on church modes.

The transport scenes are all about locomotion aptly described by the music: you hear the flowing movement of the swimmers of Gilf Kebir (known from the movie “The English Patient”), the gait of the galloping Bucephalus and the marching step of the “March of the Ten Thousand”.

The pronounced subtle humour of native Englishman Graham Buckland is inscribed in these pieces which are of easy to moderate technical difficulty.

- Character pieces based on 2 types of modes; modes of transportation and church modes

- Piano duets ideal for teaching and student recitals

- Easy to moderate technical difficulty

Baerenreiter Germany


  1. The Swimmers of Gilf Kebir (Ionian Mode)
  2. The March of the Ten Thousand (Dorian Mode)
  3. Gustafson’s Sleighs (Phrygian Mode)
  4. Bucephalus (Lydian Mode)
  5. The Must Farm Dugouts (Mixolydian Mode)
  6. Balaam’s Donkey (Aeolian Mode)
  7. Genghis Khan’s Camel (Locrian Mode)
  8. Merchant Ships of the Phoenicians (Ionian Mode)

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