Auf dem Strom for high voice, horn (violoncello) and piano D 943

Schubert, Franz

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Schubert Auf dem Strom for high voice, horn (violoncello) and piano D 943

In the final year of his life Schubert wrote two large scale songs which, besides parts for voice and piano, also included an obbligato solo instrument: a clarinet in Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (D 965), dated October 1828, and a French horn in Auf dem Strom (D 943).  The latter song was given its first performance on 26 March 1828 at the only concert organized by Schubert for his own benefit.  The vocal part was taken by his friend, the tenor Ludwig Tietze, accompanied by the composer and the celebrated horn player Josef Rudolf Lewy, who probably played an instrument with two valves.

Apparently Schubert wrote the song, which is dated in the same month, specifically for this concert and with this particular horn player in mind.  So warm was its reception that it was given a repeat performance by the same musicians one month later and then prepared for engraving, probably by Schubert himself.  However, it did not appear in print until October 1829, eleven months after Schubert’s death, at which time it received the opus number 119 and an additional part for violoncello.

Dürr, Walther
Baerenreiter Germany

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