Biblical Songs Op.99 for Soprano (Tenor) & Piano

Dvorák, Antonín

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Dvorak Biblical Songs Op.99 for Soprano (Tenor) & Piano

This cycle of ten songs for solo voice with piano accompaniment based on texts from the Book of Psalms was written by Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) in the spring of 1894 during histime in America.  Shortly before this, he had received news of the death of his most important contemporaries in the field of composition (Tchaikovsky, Gounod, Bülow) and also news from home that his 80-year-old father had died.  

The choice of verse was not coincidental: evidently the composer knew the Book of Psalms well and deliberately selected texts which varied thematically from one another, in such a way that expressions of anxious supplication alternated with those of solace and trust.  The result is a highly intimate work, rare for its pure and balanced style alone, among other qualities - the vocal lines of Biblical Songs are free of anything that might have had a hint of ostentation.  This version is transposed for soprano (tenor) with piano accompaniment.  This title is part of the first Complete Critical Edition of Works by Antonin Dvorak.

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  1. Oblak a mrákota jest vukol Neho / Darkness and thunderclouds are round about Him [Dvorák, Antonín]
  2. Skryse má a paveza má Ty jsi / Lord my shield, my refuge [Dvorák, Antonín]
  3. Slys, o Boze! slys modlitbu mou / Hear, oh hear my prayer, Lord [Dvorák, Antonín]
  4. Hospodin jest muj pastyr / Oh, my shepherd is the Lord [Dvorák, Antonín]
  5. Boze! Boze! Písen novou / Song of gladness will I sing Thee [Dvorák, Antonín]
  6. Syls, o Boze, volání me / Hear, oh Lord, my bitter cry [Dvorák, Antonín]
  7. Pri rekách babylonskych / By the shore of the river Babylon [Dvorák, Antonín]
  8. Popatriz na mne a smiluj se nad mnou / Oh, Lord, have mercy and turn Thou Thy face to me [Dvorák, Antonín]
  9. Pozdvihuji ocí svych k horám / My exes will I to the hills lift up [Dvorák, Antonín]
  10. Zpevejte Hospodinu písen novou / Oh, sing unto the Lord a jouyful song [Dvorák, Antonín]

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