Canzoni alla francese for Organ

Gabrieli, Andrea

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A Gabrieli Canzoni alla francese for Organ

A fine edition in six volumes of organ works of Andrea Gabrieli (1510-1586), the famous organist of San Marco, was published in Venice between 1593 and 1605, edited by Giovanni Gabrieli, who here and there added his own compositions to his uncle’s works.

The first part of our edition contains the shorter Intonations and the four Toccatas of Volume I and also three pieces from Volume III.  The second and third parts of our edition contain all the Ricercari and the Intavolatura of vocal pieces which make up the contents of Volumes II and III of the original edition.  The fourth part in our edition contains the Canzoni and Ricercari Arioso of Volume V, and the fifth the Canzoni alle francese of Volume VI.  Thus Volumes I-III, V and VI from the original edition are reprinted in their entirety.  Only of Volume IV is there no trace today.

Andrea Gabrieli’s organ works are printed throughout on two staves and, without exception, are playable on manuals only.

Pidoux, Pierre
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Fantasia allegra [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  2. Canzon: Suzanne un jour [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  3. Canzon: Frais et gaillard [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  4. Canzon: Martin menoit [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  5. Canzon: Orsus au coup [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  6. Ricercar sopra Orsus [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  7. Canzon: Pour ung plaisir [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  8. Ricercar sopra Pour ung plaisir [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  9. Ricercar arioso (I) [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  10. Ricercar arioso (II) [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  11. Ricercar arioso (III) [Gabrieli, Andrea]
  12. Ricercar arioso (IV) [Gabrieli, Andrea]

Additional Information

Renaissance Period
Harpsichord, Organ