Sursum chordis corda for Piano Op.81a

Schlee, Thomas Daniel

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Schlee Sursum chordis corda for Piano Op.81a

Composer Daniel Schlee wrote about his piano piece Sursum chordis corda:

“The third movement of my Second Symphony is titled “Sursum corda” – a liturgical call to lift up our hearts.  This call is answered by joyfully flowing music.  The piano version is neither a particella nor an intabulation in the traditional sense; it adapts the essential elements of the musical process, partially reinterpreting them to suit the wealth of possibilities the piano offers in terms of sound and technique.  The scope of the work ranges from the impetus of emphatic chord progressions and carillon-like passages through to lyrical phrases.” 

- Virtuosic piano piece

- Impressive sound effects

- Suitable as a competition or jury piece for music students

Baerenreiter Germany

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