Pavel Haas: A Catalogue of the Music and Writings

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Pavel Haas: A Catalogue of the Music and Writings

Although the life of Pavel Haas (1899–1944) found a violent end in the horrors of Auschwitz, his music survived and is increasingly attracting the interest of today’s musicians and scholars.  Now, for the first time, this talented pupil of Leoš Janácek is being introduced in a lavish English-language publication devoted to his complete output.  The authors, Lubomír Spurný (a professor at Masaryk University in Brno) and Ondrej Pivoda (the curator of the music department at the Moravian State Museum in Brno, where Haas’s estate is preserved), have long studied Haas’s artistic legacy.  Ondrej Pivoda has already edited the Urtext edition of Haas’s String Quartet No. 2 (“From the Monkey Mountains”) for Bärenreiter.

In Pavel Haas: A Catalogue of the Music and Writings, the authors draw on the most recent scholarly research.  The catalogue of works covers finished compositions, film scores, incomplete and lost works as well as the composer’s literary estate.  In addition to the standard description of each and every work, the entries also include bibliographical references and lists of musical editions and recordings.  The book contains a foreword by the editors, an index and illustrations.

- The first complete catalogue of the works of Pavel Haas, one of the “Theresienstadt composers”

- English text

- Incorporates the latest findings of scholarly research

Pivoda, Ondrej , Spurný, Lubomír
Baerenreiter UK


  1. Preface
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Structure of the Catalogue
  4. Abbreviations
  5. A Catalogue of the Music and Writings
  6. I. Opera
  7. II. Vocal-Orchestral
  8. III. Choral
  9. IV. Vocal
  10. V. Orchestral
  11. VI. Chamber
  12. VII. Keybord
  13. VIII. Incidental
  14. IX. Film
  15. X. Unfinished and Torsos
  16. XI. Lost
  17. XII. Haas's Writings
  18. Bibliography
  19. List of Illustrations
  20. Systematic Index of Haas's Works
  21. Chronological Index of Haas's Works
  22. Index of English Titles of Haas's Works
  23. Index of Original Titles of Haas's Works
  24. Index of Text Incipits of Haas's Works
  25. Index of Persons, Institutions and Places

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