Classic Hits for two Treble Recoders (Playing Score)


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Classic Hits for two Treble Recoders (Playing Score)

The two-hundred-year gap in the recorder repertoire whets our appetite for arrangements of works from the classic and romantic periods.  This was an age when arrangements dominated everyday musical life in any case.  We find a wealth of nineteenth-century arrangements equally suited for performance on recorders.  They can be found not only in collections and separate prints, but also in old flute tutors beneath headings such as "Récréation" or "Divertissement".  Their purpose was both to motivate learners and to give them the pleasure of playing famous pieces in the privacy of their drawing room.  

Nor should one overlook the educational value of transferring the sound of familiar tunes to the pupils’ own instrument, thereby training them in expression, phrasing and the art of modulation.  Viewed in this light, these miniatures of great masterpieces have lost none of their relevance today.

The present selection consists entirely of pieces by composers whose music is still heard today.  The editors have been as faithful to the originals as possible, retaining their dynamics and articulation but generally transposing them to a key more idiomatic to the recorder.

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  1. W.A. Mozart: Das klinget so herrlich from Die Zauberflöte [Mozart, W.A.]
  2. Wiegenlied [Schubert, F]
  3. Presto, presto from Don Giovanni [Mozart, W.A.]
  4. Bohemian Waltz from Der Freischütz / Barcarolle from Oberon [Weber, C.M. von]
  5. Andante from Military Symphony [Haydn, J]
  6. Voi che sapete from Le nozze di Figaro / Drei Knäbchen from Die Zauberflöte / Wer ein Liebchen hat gefunden from Die Entführung [Mozart, W.A.]
  7. O lest den Dank from Der Freischütz [Weber, C.M. von]
  8. Zum Ziel führ dich from Die Zauberflöte [Mozart, W.A.]
  9. Che farò senza Euridice? From Orfeo ed Euridice [Gluck, Ch. W.}
  10. Freude schöner Götterfunken from Symphony No.9 [Beethoven, L. van]
  11. Allegretto from L'ours Symphonie [Haydn, J]
  12. Non più andrai from Le nozze di Figaro [Mozart, W.A.]
  13. Rondo-Thema from Piano Sonata Op.13 Pathétique [Beethoven, L. Van]
  14. Funeral March Op.35 [Chpin, F]
  15. Träumerei [Schumann, R]
  16. Vivat Bacchus from Die Entführung [Mozart, W.A.]
  17. Lieben und geliebt zu werden from The Seasons [Haydn, J]
  18. Trauerwalzer [Schubert, F]
  19. Andante cantabile from Symphony No.1 [Beethoven, L. van]
  20. Jägerchorfrom Der Freischütz [Weber, C.M. von]
  21. Wedding March from Mid-Summer Nights Dream [Mendelssohn, F]
  22. Che soave zeffiretto from Le nozze di Figaro [Mozart, W.A.]

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