Compendium of Organ Performance Technique Volume I and II

Wagner, Peter

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Compendium of Organ Performance Technique Volume I and II

Handbook of classical-modern organ playing

Our two-volume edition is the first to offer a reference work on organ technique systematically subdivided into 60 exercise units.  It provides an overview of all relevant topics on manual and pedal playing based on the tutors by Marcel Dupré, Fernando Germani, Charles-Louis Hanon and Johannes Brahms as well as on their sequels and supplements.  There is also a comprehensive set of exercises to maintain the achieved performance level.

This compendium is a tutor for all levels of expertise and training from ambitious semi-professional organists through to fully professional church musicians and conservatory students.  Furthermore it is aimed at all of those who teach the organ, whether privately or at academies, colleges, conservatories or universities.

• Two-volume reference work on organ technique (Ger/Eng)

• Covers all relevant areas of manual and pedal playing

• Includes a comprehensive set of exercises

• Concise introductory text (Ger/Eng)

• Index for topics and keywords on teaching and performing issues

• For every level of expertise and training

Peter Wagner (b. Karlstadt, 1967) studied Catholic church music (A-level certification), organ improvisation, concert organ and music theory in Cologne, Würzburg and Salzburg.  His later career led him to a wide variety of teaching, consultancy and jury activities in the areas of organ playing, music theory, choral and orchestral conducting, voice training and children’s choirs.  He has also given concert tours in Germany and abroad.  From 2001 to 2003 Wagner was an educational consultant and teacher at the Bavarian State Academy of Music in Hammelburg.  Since then he has been cathedral organist and choral director in Minden as well dean church musician for the archbishopric of Paderborn.


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