Complete Keyboard Works Volume I

Rameau, Jean-Philippe

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Rameau Complete Keyboard Works Volume I
The Books of 1705/06 and 1724

This is the first complete edition of the keyboard works of Jean-Philippe Rameau to incorporate all the printed collections of harpsichord music published under his supervision as well as his clavier arrangement of Les Indes Galantes.

It also includes many new insights into performance practice (e.g. the handling of repeat signs in the original prints) and presents the music entirely in modern clefs.  The result is a reliable and unique edition for today’s performers that does full justice to recent findings in historical performance practice.

For the first time, all accidentals and expression marks are reproduced exactly as they appear in the sources.  All of Rameau’s written comments – a key source on performance practice – are reproduced in the original French with translations into German and English.

Rounding off the edition are instructive facsimiles and a detailed preface in which the editor, the celebrated harpsichordist and conductor Siegbert Rampe , discusses the sources, editorial method, and important aspects of performance.

- Complete scholarly-critical Urtext edition in modern clefs

- Includes the latest findings in performance practice

- Includes Rameau’s written comments and explanations in the original and in translations in English and German

- Ideal format (24.3 x 31 cm)

Rampe, Siegbert
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Premier Livre de Pieces de Clavecin (1705/06) [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  2. Prelude [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  3. Alemande [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  4. 2.e Alemande [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  5. Corante [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  6. Gigue [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  7. 1.ere Sarabande [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  8. 2e Sarabande [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  9. Vénitiénne [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  10. Gavote [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  11. Menuet [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  12. Pieces de Clavessin avec une Methode pour la Mechanique des Doigts (1724) [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  13. Table des agréments [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  14. "De la Mechanique des Doigts sur le Clavessin" [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  15. Allemande [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  16. Courante [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  17. Gigue en Rondeau [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  18. 2.e Gigue en Rondeau [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  19. "Le Rappel" des Oiseaux [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  20. 1.r Rigaudon [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  21. 2.d Rigaudon [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  22. double du 2.d Rigaudon [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  23. Musette en Rondeau [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  24. Tambourin [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  25. "La Vilageoise" Rondeau [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  26. Les "Tendres Plaintes" [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  27. "Les Niais" de Sologne [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  28. Double des Niais [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  29. 2.d Double des Niais [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  30. les Soupirs [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  31. "La Jouyeuse" Rondeau [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  32. "La Follette" Rondeau [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  33. L'entretien Des Muses [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  34. "Les Tourbillons" Rondeau [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  35. "Les Cyclopes" Rondeau [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  36. "Le Lardon" Menuet [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  37. La Boiteuse" [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  38. La Dauphine (1747?) [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]
  39. Les petits marteaux [Rameau, Jean-Philippe]

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