Concerto for Violin in G major Op.3/3 (RV 310) (Violin & Piano)

Vivaldi, Antonio

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Vivaldi Concerto for Violin in G major Op.3/3 (RV 310) (Violin & Piano)

Bärenreiter’s Concert Pieces

Violin part and enclosed piano accompaniment

Vivaldi achieved popularity throughout Europe with his collection L’estro armonico Op.3.  He wrote the cycle which consists of twelve violin concertos for the orchestra of the Ospedale della Pietà where he was teacher and director for many years.

The two fast outer movements from opus 3/3 feature ritornelli combined with more virtuosic solo sections, as was prevalent at the time.  This ritornello form gives structure to the movements.  It also gives the student who plays both the solo and tutti sections in this edition, the opportunity to vary the returning motives in terms of dynamics and ornamentation.

In the short but expressive Largo, distinct quarter notes alternate with patterns of sixteenth across all the strings.  This allows the student to practise various bowing techniques.

Bärenreiter’s Concert Pieces is a series of the most popular short concertos for violinists who want to begin performing in public.

The series begins with works by Rieding, Seitz and Vivaldi which are clear favourites amongst the first solo concertos played.  The editions include a solo violin part and a piano part for the accompanist.

The series is edited by Kurt Sassmannshaus, the internationally renowned violin teacher and co-author of the "Early Start" Sassmannshaus violin tutor.  His forewords introduce these little gems and include tips to ensure successful first concerts.  These volumes form an ideal continuation to the Early Start tutors and can be used in parallel from Volume 3 onwards.  They can also be used to supplement any violin method.

The series will be continued and will introduce students to more demanding repertoire with an increasing level of difficulty.

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