Concerto for Violin No.3 in G major (K.216) (Violin & Piano)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

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Mozart Concerto for Violin No.3 in G major (K.216) (Violin & Piano)

Mozart composed the majority of his works for solo string instruments and orchestra during the years 1773 to 1779.  Especially important in this context are the years 1773 and 1775, which witnessed the creation of the five concertos for violin and orchestra as well as several single movements for the same scoring.  The reasons for this flourish of activity in this domain lie partly in the fact that Mozart, who still occupied the post of concertmaster to the Prince-Archbishop, was either obliged or inspired to provide such works for special occasions during this long period spent in Salzburg. But another reason was certainly the possibility of experimenting with all the new compositional techniques acquired during his third trip to Italy and his stay of several months in Vienna from July to September 1773.

This piano reduction of Mozart’s G major violin concerto comes with two solo parts. One violin part gives players the Urtext of the “New Mozart Edition”. The tutti passages are all presented in normal size print for players wanting to perform these sections with the first violins. An ossia has been included in small print for the last four measures before the first solo passage to allow for the transition to the solo section.

The second violin part is a prepared performance part and offers bowings, fingerings and performance practice comments.

An original cadenza by Mozart to this work has not come down to us. Therefore, a booklet is inserted which assembles cadenzas, "Eingänge" and fermata embellishments by Eugène Ysaÿe, Leopold Auer, Sam Franko and Martin Wulfhorst. This collection provides players with a spectrum of styles available in no other publication.

The piano reduction of the orchestral score is comfortable to play, uncluttered and practical. Solo parts and piano reduction appear with page turns where you need them and with fold-out pages where necessary.

- Urtext solo part

- Second violin part with bowing and fingering

- Separate booklet with cadenzas, “Eingänge”, and fermata embellishments by L. Auer, E. Ysaye, S. Franko, M. Wulfhorst

- Full score and parts (BA4865), violin & piano reduction (BA4865-90) and study score format 22.5 x 16.5cm (TP272), Works for Violin and Orchestra study score (TP325) available for sale

Mahling, Christoph-Hellmut
Baerenreiter Germany

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