Concerto in F major Op.52 for Oboe (Oboe & Piano)

Krommer, Frantisek Vincenc

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Krommer Concerto in F major Op.52 for Oboe (Oboe & Piano)

The two oboe concertos in F major (Op.37 and 52) are among the most artistically important and intellectually graceful works of Krommer (1759–1831).  The Op.52 presented here is written in the classic three-movement concerto form and builds on the musical diction of Haydn and Mozart.

The concerto was revised by Frantisek Suchý, who comments on the edition’s relation to its sources in the Editor’s Notes.  The detailed Preface (Czech/Ger/Eng) is written by Jan Racek.  The publication is part of the Musica Antiqua Bohemica series.

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