Don't Feed the Animals: 12 Pieces for String Ensemble (Score & Parts)

Speckert, George

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Speckert Don't Feed the Animals: 12 Pieces for String Ensemble (Score & Parts)
for two Violins, Viola and Cello or three Violins and Cello

In this edition George Speckert has depicted an entire menagerie of small animals in 12 movements.  Framed by an overture and epilogue, ten animals/species make an appearance.  These easy little character pieces can be played in any order by two violins, viola and cello, either one or more to a part.  It is a fun-to-play collection especially suited for children and invites them to expand on these pieces by adding little tales, pictures or scenes.

- Easy fun pieces on animals geared towards children

- Suitable for smaller and larger recitals

- Can be played by a variable number of string players

- Score & 5 parts (Violin I,II,III; Viola [or Violin III]; Cello)

Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Don't Feed the Animals Overture [Speckert, George A.]
  2. The Bashful Hedgehog [Speckert, George A.]
  3. The Bigmouthed Frog [Speckert, George A.]
  4. The Ants [Speckert, George A.]
  5. The Busy Bee [Speckert, George A.]
  6. The Swan [Speckert, George A.]
  7. The Shy Squirrels [Speckert, George A.]
  8. A Bored Bear [Speckert, George A.]
  9. The Wobbling Ducks [Speckert, George A.]
  10. The Majestic Peacock [Speckert, George A.]
  11. The Tardy Turtle [Speckert, George A.]
  12. Don't Feed the Animals Epilogue [Speckert, George A.]

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