Early Start on the Violin Volume 3

Sassmannshaus, Kurt

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Early Start on the Violin Volume 3

Early Start on the Violin: A violin method for children aged four and older.

The main focus of Volume 3 lies on duet playing in different metres and keys.  The variety of the selected recital pieces is designed to encourage fun in music-making and to develop a feeling for contrasting musical styles. On this basis, the familiar finger patterns and bowing strokes are thoroughly practiced and expanded.  Learners also encounter fundamental ornaments (trills, appoggiaturas, upper mordents) and a new rhythmic unit: the triplet.

To accompany this volume we recommend Volume 2 of the “Violin Recital Album” (BA 9669), edited by Kurt and Christoph Sassmannshaus and Melissa Lusk.  It contains 13 delightful recital pieces in first position with piano accompaniment and an optional second violin part, allowing young players to display their progress in recitals.

The authors
In 1976 Egon Sassmannshaus, one of the most experienced and renowned violin teachers in Germany, published his tutor “Früher Anfang auf der Geige”.  This standard work for young string players quickly became the most popular and best-selling tutor in the German-speaking countries for beginners on the violin.  His son Kurt Sassmannshaus functioned as co-editor of the English-language edition, “Early Start on the Violin” (BA 9676, BA 9677, BA 9678, BA 9679), adapting his father's successful tutor to meet the needs and requirements of English-speaking children.

The combined knowledge and experience of both father and son make these four volumes the most thoroughly researched and thought-through violin tutor for beginners all over the world.

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