Easy Piano Pieces and Dances Suk

Suk, Josef

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Suk Easy Piano Pieces and Dances Suk

Short, technically easy pieces from the rich piano oeuvre of Josef Suk (1874–1935) form the latest addition to the established series “Easy Piano Pieces and Dances”. 

The editor has included a varied selection of 12 compositions from the period 1893–1928 in this album ranging from playful and carefree atmospheric pieces (“Village Serenade” and “Humoresque”), through musical gifts for friends (“Albumleaf”, “Little Song”) to serious and deeply intimate movements from Suk's masterful piano cycles. 

Here advanced beginners can already practise their interpretative skills with subtle expressive means.  Included for the first time are Suk’s humorous greeting “Spanish Joke” which he sent to a friend on a postcard from Madrid in 1909 as well as a polka that was “often played by musicians for Master Dvorák” which was arranged by Suk for piano 30 years later entitled “Vysoká Polka”.

- Ideal introduction to Josef Suk’s piano works

- From easy to intermediate difficulty with meticulously conceived fingering by Markéta Týmlová

- Two pieces (“Spanish Joke” and “Vysoká Polka”) published for the first time

Hájek, Jonáš
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  1. Humoreska / Humoresque / Humoreske [Suk, Josef]
  2. Vesnicka serenada / Village Serenade / Dorfserenade [Suk, Josef]
  3. Pisina spanelska / Spanish Joke / Spanischer Ulk [Suk, Josef]
  4. Listek do pamatniku / Albumleaf / Albumblatt [Suk, Josef]
  5. Menuet / Minuet / Menuett [Suk, Josef]
  6. Popevek / Little Song / Liedchen [Suk, Josef]
  7. Adagio, ma non troppo [Suk, Josef]
  8. O Stedrem dni / On Christmas Eve / Am Weihnachtsabend [Suk, Josef]
  9. Andante [Suk, Josef]
  10. Jak zpivala matinka za noci choremu decku / How Mother Sang to Her Sick Child During the Night / Wie Mutter nachts ihrem kranken Kind vorsang [Suk, Josef]
  11. Vysocka polka / Vysoka Polka / Polka von Vysoka [Suk, Josef]

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