Eine kleine Nachtmusik in G major (K.525) (Hardback)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

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Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik in G major (K.525) (Hardback)

“Eine kleine Nachtmusik” “... written with ease, but skillfully refined”

“Eine kleine NachtMusick” is how Mozart entered the Serenade in G major in his personal catalogue of works on 10 August 1787. It was written without any known incentive or commission during the time that Mozart was composing “Don Giovanni”, a time when he was celebrating his greatest success as an opera composer.

The work is one of the jewels of Mozart’s output, combining bright radiance and a natural simplicity with brilliant refinement. Similarly, the autograph manuscript of this perfect masterpiece is captivating because of its balanced clarity and beautiful handwriting.

The manuscript was inaccessible to the public for almost half a century, but now Bärenreiter has received exclusive permission to produce a new facsimile of Mozart’s original. The edition reproduces the facsimile pages as individual sheets and leaves, reflecting the way the original copy has survived. These pages – in high-quality colour printing, each trimmed individually – are presented in a handsome box. This is accompanied by a booklet with an introductory text by Wolfgang Rehm including information on the genesis of the composition and the various aspects of the autograph manuscript.

The seal is used exclusively for facsimile editions published by Bärenreiter which meet the highest demands in both scholarly and technical terms. The distinguishing features include:

- a facsimile in high-quality colour printing

- scholarly commentary

Facsimile of the autograph with a commentary by Wolfgang Rehm.
Documenta musicologica II, 46
14 pages of facsimile (individually trimmed) and an approx. 24 page accompanying booklet (Eng/Ger) presented in a handsome box
ISBN 978-3-7618-2282-1

Rehm, Wolfgang
Baerenreiter Germany

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