Fascination: Organ Improvisation (Paperback)

Stoiber, Franz Josef

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Stoiber Fascination Organ Improvisation
A Study and Practice Book

Franz Josef Stoiber, organ professor and organist at Regensburg Cathedral, has decided not to present a conventional improvisation tutor here.  Instead, he offers a multi-faceted reader and workbook containing useful methodical and pedagogical reflections, e.g. on cultivating a feeling for sound and training responsiveness.  It also features a wide range of practical exercises for improvising in various styles, all reflecting his years of experience as a teacher and performer.

This guide to organ improvisation has the potential of becoming a standard work in the training of today’s organists.

- A new approach to organ improvisation

- Includes many practical exercises and music samples

- German/English text

- Spacious attractive layout

Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Thoughts on Methodology and Didactics
  2. 1. Just Play
  3. 1.1. White keys – black keys
  4. 1.2. Further ideas for Just play
  5. 2. Stylistic Period 17th / 18th Century
  6. 2.1. Harmonic and compositional basics
  7. 2.2. Figuration
  8. 2.3. Playing the melody in different voice parts: alto-C.F.
  9. 2.4. Introduction to musical form
  10. 2.5. Large forms
  11. 3. t / Stylistic Period 19th Century
  12. 3.1 Harmonic basics
  13. 3.2 Introduction to musical form
  14. 4. Stylistic Period 20th / 21th Century
  15. 4.1. Post-Romanticism – Impressionism
  16. 4.2. Olivier Messiaen
  17. 4.3. German Modernism (Hindemith, Genzmer, Schroeder) – Neomodality
  18. 4.4. Improvisation themes
  19. 4.5. Improvisation on free-tonal themes

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English, German