Field Mass H 279 / The Spectre's Bride H 214 I A (Full Score, hardback)

Martinu, Bohuslav

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Martinu Field Mass H 279 / The Spectre's Bride H  214 I A (Full Score, hardback)

The Bohuslav Martinu Complete Edition VI/2/2

In 2015 our publishing house launched the extensive Bohuslav Martinu Complete Edition (BMCE), which constitutes the first scholarly critical edition of the complete works of this classic of twentieth-century Czech music in all the versions and arrangements that he created or authorised, some newly discovered and previously unpublished compositions inclusive.  The BMCE is edited by the Bohuslav Martinu Institute in Prague.

The present volume of the Bohuslav Martinu Complete Edition (BMCE) contains two vocal-instrumental works.  The “Field Mass” (1939) with a text by Jirí Mucha incorporating bible and liturgy quotes was created in reaction to the outbreak of the Second World War and intended for outdoor performances.  The cantata “The Spectre’s Bride” with a text by Karel Jaromír Erben was composed in 1932 as part of the ballet “Špalícek” (meaning “chapbook”); the composer later took out the cantata, making it into a stand-alone concert piece.

The autograph scores served as primary sources for both works. The edition of the “Field Mass” (including its performance materials) also contains the original version of the ending with a quote from the Czech medieval hymn “Jezu Kriste, štedry kneže” (“Jesu Christ, bountiful priest”) and a number of contemporary translations.

- First scholarly-critical edition

- Preface (Eng/Cz) and critical report (Eng/Cz) by the editor

- Contemporary translations of the vocal text in the libretto section

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