Four Male Choruses

Janacek, Leos

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Janacek Four Male Choruses

The score of Janacek's popular and often performed songs for male choir:

While the last choral piece is written to verse by Jaroslav Tichy, the text is otherwise based on folk poetry. The cycle was published under the title Four Male Choruses and is dedicated to Antonin Dvorak.


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  1. Vyhruzka (The Threat) [Janacek, Leos]
  2. O lasko (O Love) [Janacek, Leos]
  3. Ach, vojna, vojna (The Soldier's Lot) [Janacek, Leos]
  4. Krasne oci tve (Thy Lovely Eyes) [Janacek, Leos]

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