Indian Chants for Strings (Score & Parts)

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Indian Chants for Strings (Score & Parts)

Score and 5 parts: Violin I,II; Viola (or Violin III); Cello

George Speckert has made a name with his simple, but tuneful arrangements for mixed string groups.  With Indian songs from different regions, his new publication leads “young” string quartets into unusual geographical and musical territories.  The pieces are easy to play and rhythmic; distinctive melodies lend a very special flavour.  They can also be successfully used in teaching mixed string groups in schools.  Whether they are used individually in teaching or concerts, or as a set, they will add welcome variety.

- Easy-to-play (level of difficulty 2)
- With rhythmic interest
- attractive melodies
- flexible instrumentation – from string quartet to string orchestra
- 3rd violin part can replace viola

About the composer
George A. Speckert is a composer, author and lecturer in multimedia production and Elearning . He teaches at the Vocational Training Centre at the Hanover Adult Education Centre and at the Offenburg College.

Speckert, George
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Sunrise Call (Zuni)
  2. My Bark Canoe (Ojibway)
  3. Thlah Hewe - Blue Corn Dance (Zuni)
  4. Ghost Dance Song (Arapaho)
  5. The Ground Trembles (Chippewa)
  6. Tokala Olowan - Song of the Fox (Dakota)
  7. Snake Dance (Hopi)
  8. Medicine Song (Apache)
  9. Yei-be-chi Dance (Navaho)
  10. Return of the Runners (Omaha)
  11. Sun Down Song (Cheyenne)

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