Kleiner Psalter for mixed Chorus a cappella Op.82

Burkhard, Willy

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Burkhard Kleiner Psalter for mixed Chorus a cappella Op.82

Willy Burkhard (17.04.1900 - 18.06.1955)

Born in Leubringen near Bienne.  After graduating from the Muristalden (near Berne) teachers' training college, he began his musical studies with E. Graf in Berne, then went to S. Karg-Elert and R. Teichmüller in Leipzig, W Courvoisier in Munich and M. d'Ollone in Paris.  1928 he was appointed as a theory teacher at the Conservatory in Berne, where he also conducted several choirs and small orchestras.  From 1933 on mentions made sojourns in Montana and Davos necessary.  He then settled in Zurich, where from 1942 onwards he taught theory and composition at the Conservatory. 

There is no doubt that Willy Burkhard was one of the outstanding and influential Swiss composers of our century.  Both his works, in particular as a renovator of church music, and his didactic activities had a lasting influence on the future.

Baerenreiter Germany
Mixed choir (SATB)


  1. Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen! Op.82/1 Psalm 84 [Burkhard, Willy]
  2. Eile, Gott, mich zu erretten Op.82/2 Psalm 70 [Burkhard, Willy]
  3. Ich hebe meine Augen auf zu den Bergen Op.82/3 Psalm 121 [Burkhard, Willy]
  4. Herr, mein Herz ist nicht hoffärtig Op.82/4 Psalm 131 [Burkhard, Willy]
  5. Herr, wie lange willst du mein so gar vergessen? Op.82/5 Psalm 13 [Burkhard, Willy]
  6. Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied! Op.82/6 Psalm 96 [Burkhard, Willy]

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20th Century
Mixed Voices