Klezmer for Clarinet & Piano

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Klezmer for Clarinet & Piano

Because the clarinet is such an important instrument in Klezmer music, these arrangements unveil the full spectrum of the Ashkenazi-Jewish music-making in one fell swoop.

The eight pieces exemplify a multitude of dancing and singing styles, with small ornaments and playing techniques (e.g. bent notes, melismas and chromatic runs) to impart the distinctive flavour of this music.

The volume offers the possibility to interpret the pieces in a variety of ways, also offering scope for personal expression.  The idiomatic piano part provides bold bass lines, typical harmonic progressions, countermelodies, and a considerable number of embellishments.

- All the important stylistic features of Klezmer music

- Authentic notation

- Easy to medium level of difficulty

Ostermeier, Bettina
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Chava
  2. Fun Tashlik
  3. Mazel Tov
  4. Odessa Bulgarish
  5. Shalom Aleichem
  6. The Happy Nigun
  7. Zol Shoyn Kumen Die G'ule
  8. Tants Istanbul

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