L'Etoile (Vocal Score)

Chabrier, Emmanuel

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Chabrier L'Etoile (Vocal Score)

With L’Étoile, Chabrier composed a light-hearted opera which has increasingly enjoyed revivals in recent years.  The plot is introduced by King Ouf I who offers his subjects an execution every year on his birthday.  Unfortunately the problem now arises that no crime has recently been committed which might serve as a reason for an execution.  Finally, he finds a would-be victim in the young Lazuli.  However, according to predictions by the astrologer Sirocco, Lazuli’s fate is closely linked to the king’s own life.  The comic opera is further bolstered by a story of mistaken identities which involves a great deal of diplomacy, a love story and a large number of refined, yet catchy melodies.

Chabrier was a master of the sensitive and complicated art of musical comedy, a field where he can be compared in equal measure to Offenbach, Rossini and Mozart.

- Also available for sale full score (BA8708-01)

- Performance material available for hire (BA8708-72)

- Authoritative Urtext edition based on the series L’Opéra français

- Original French text with a German singing translation

- Comprehensive foreword (Ger/Eng/Fr)

Macdonald, Hugh
Baerenreiter Germany

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