L'Orfeo - Favola in musica (Facsimile, hardback)

Monteverdi, Claudio

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Monteverdi L'Orfeo - Favola in musica (Hardback)

Orfeo is undoubtedly one of the most popular works of Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) and, moreover, a piece of unparalleled historical significance: it is, as it were, the big bang of opera history.  With the premiere in the palace of Mantua in 1607, the "birth of the opera came from the spirit of the musical drama".
This facsimile reproduces the first edition score of 1609 (Venice) together with Act V of the Mantuan libretto 1607, which is one of the first printed scores of music history.  The excellent quality of this reprint is excellently suited to historically authentic music making and forms an indispensable basis for the scientific study of the work. 

With an introduction in German and English, this volume is an ideal gift for opera lovers and friends of early music.

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