La Juive (Vocal Score)

Halévy, Fromental

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Halévy La Juive (Vocal Score)

Against the background of the July Revolution of 1830, two libretti were written for the Grand Opéra in Paris by Eugène Scribe, probably the best-known poet of the July Monarchy: “La Juive ” and Les Huguenots”.  Both operas are closely related to the politicial history of France.

Fromental Halévy composed La Juive in 1835, and Giacomo Meyerbeer, “Les Huguenots” in 1836; there are almost identical passages in the libretti of the two operas.  From first sketch (1832/33) to the final version, the libretto of La Juive was extensively revised; even the allocation of roles was different in the beginning.  “La Juive ” stands in the long tradition of operas going back to the 17th century, where the misdeeds of the powerful are held before our eyes as a warning and deterrent.

The premiere took place on 23 February 1835.  The opera became a great success with the public and was vigorously discussed in the contemporary press.  The vocal score is based on the score edited by Karl Leich-Galland, published in 2004 (AE 340).

- Clear music setting; practical performing vocal score.

- Original French text with German singing translation.

- Foreword in three languages (French, German, English).

- Performance material available for hire AE340-72

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