Late Piano Sonatas

Haydn, Joseph

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Haydn Late Piano Sonatas

Haydn’s late piano sonatas Hob. XVI:40–42 (1784) and Hob. XVI:48–52 (1788-95) reveal him to be a distinctive and consummate master in terms of form and expression.  These technically brilliant works, the quintessence of his sonata output, reflect the fresh inspiration he received in London.

This new Urtext edition presents these piano sonatas in a spacious engraving.  The early version of the second movement of the Sonata in C major, Hob. XVI:50, is reproduced in the appendix.  Rounding off this performing edition are historically informed fingering and valuable notes on period performance practice by Rebecca Maurer, a highly acclaimed harpsichord and fortepiano player.

- Critical performing edition at the cutting edge of musicology

- Valuable notes on period performance practice (Ger/Eng)

- Includes historically informed fingering

- Practical page turns

- Informative Foreword (Ger/Eng) and Critical Commentary (Eng)

Moosbauer, Bernhard , Stüwe, Holger M.
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Sonata G major Hob. XVI:40 [Haydn, Joseph]
  2. Sonata B-flat major Hob. XVI:41 [Haydn, Joseph]
  3. Sonata D major Hob. XVI:42 [Haydn, Joseph]
  4. Sonata C major Hob. XVI:48 [Haydn, Joseph]
  5. Sonata E-flat major Hob. XVI:49 [Haydn, Joseph]
  6. Sonata D major Hob. XVI:51 [Haydn, Joseph]
  7. Sonata E-flat major Hob. XVI:52 [Haydn, Joseph]
  8. Sonata C major Hob. XVI:50 [Haydn, Joseph]
  9. Appendix: Separately published version of the second movement of the Sonata in C major Hob. XVI:50 [Haydn, Joseph]

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