Les Boréades RCT 31 Symphonies, Instrumental Movements (Full Score)

Rameau, Jean-Philippe

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Rameau Les Boréades RCT 31 Symphonies, Instrumental Movements (Full Score)

Although not performed during his lifetime, Rameau’s “Les Boréades” from 1762 are his musical masterpiece and a synthesis of his compositional work.  All the musical innovations to which the composer subjected the traditional genre of the “tragédie lyrique” are manifested here, and so it is particularly the purely instrumental numbers – the divertissements and ballets – that so astonish us today in terms of their diversity of expression. Incorporated into the opera, they drive the dramatic plot forward and by means of motivic interlocking they adopt an overall formal function. 

In the form of orchestral suites, the baroque colour palette with its rhythmic complexity and atmospheric diversity can be heard on the basis of this edition quasi as absolute music – extremely varied and as tempestuous as the plot suggests.

- Compilation of the instrumental numbers of the opera

- Full score based on “Opera omnia Rameau”, volume IV.29 (BA8865)

- Overview according to keys for a compilation of tailor-made orchestral suites

- Performance material (BA8898-72) available for hire

Bouissou, Sylvie
Baerenreiter Germany

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