Lexikon Orgelbau (Lexicon of Organ Building)

Kalipp, Wolf

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Lexikon Orgelbau (Lexicon of Organ Building)
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From "whistled pipes" to "twin boxes" this glossary explains the most important terms of organ building - a variety of registers as well as the components of the mechanics, tools and necessary care.  In addition, topics from contract law and administration, historical phenomena as well as recent developments in electrical engineering and electronics are taken into account.  Over 136 mostly coloured illustrations and detailed drawings lead vividly and clearly into the inner workings of the instrument.  An extensive directory of German-speaking and international journals, associations and museums completes the  The audio CD presents the most important registers and register mixes recorded on four different organs.

Editors and authors: organ builders, organ experts, organ and musicologists, church musicians and music educators: Wolf Kalipp, Klaus Döhring, Michael Bosch with the participation of Svenja Wickenkamp, ​​Thomas Lipski, Herbert Bruges, Hans Schmidt-Mannheim, Michael Gerhard Kaufmann, Christian Michel.

Baerenreiter Germany

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