Má vlast (My Country) (Study Score)

Smetana, Bedrich

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Smetana Má vlast (My Country) (Study Score)

Since 2014, the six symphonic poems of the cycle “My Country” by Bedrich Smetana have been published individually in new Urtext editions edited by Hugh Macdonald.  Now all six parts of this unique work within the international symphonic repertoire are brought together in one conducting score.

The editor chose the autograph scores as his main source.  The first editions of “Vyšehrad”, “Vltava” and “From Bohemia’s Woods and Fields” in fact contain several misprints and a number of inaccuracies due to an incorrect reading of the manuscripts; therefore, these first editions together with the composer’s four-hand piano arrangements served the editor only as secondary sources.  The first prints of the other parts of the cycle appeared after Smetana’s death and hence were not taken into account for this edition.

- Masterwork of the international symphonic repertoire in a Bärenreiter Urtext edition

- The complete cycle of six parts now in one volume

- Detailed Foreword on the genesis and reception of the work by leading Smetana scholar Olga Mojžíšová (Cz/Eng/Ger)

- Full Score (BA11573) also available for sale

- The six symphonic poems are also available individually

Macdonald, Hugh
Baerenreiter UK

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