Mitridate, Re di Ponto (K.87) (Vocal Score)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

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Mozart Mitridate, Re di Ponto (K.87) (Vocal Score)

“Our son’s opera [Mitridate] is still running to general applause and is, as the Italians say, alle stelle!  Since the third performance we two have been listeners and spectators, sometimes in the parterre and sometimes in the boxes or galleries, where everyone is eager to speak to the Signore Maestro and see him at close quarters.  During the performance we walk about here and there, wherever we like.  For the Maestro was obliged to conduct the opera from the orchestra only on the first three evenings, when Maestro Lampugnani accompanied at the second clavier.  But now, as Wolfgang is no longer conducting, Lampugnani plays the first clavier and Maestro Melchior Chiesa the second one.  If about fifteen or eighteen years ago, when Lampugnani had already composed so much in England and Melchior Chiesa in Italy ... someone had said to me that these masters would take part in the performance of my son’s composition, and, when he left the clavier, would have to sit down and accompany his music, I should have told him that he was fit for a lunatic asylum.  So we see what the Almighty Power of God can make of us human beings, if we do not bury the talents which he has most graciously bestowed upon us.” 

Thus Leopold Mozart writing from Milan on 5 January 1771 to his wife in Salzburg, swelling with self-confidence and justified pride, but not neglecting to mention the grace and omnipotence of God.

- Urtext of the New Mozart Edition

- Full score (BA4541-01) and vocal score (BA4541-90) available for sale

- Performance material (BA4541-72) available for hire

Tagliavini, Luigi Ferdinando
Baerenreiter Germany
Soprano solo (4), Alto solo, Tenor solo (2), Flute (2), Oboe (2), Bassoon (2), Horn (4), Trumpet (2), Timpani, Strings, Basso continuo (Harpsichord, Violoncello)

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Mixed Voices
German, Italian