Musick for the Royal Fireworks (Hardback)

Handel, George Frideric

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Handel Musick for the Royal Fireworks (Facsimile, hardback)

In 1749 King George II commissioned Handel to supply a festive composition for the fireworks display in celebration of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.  So large were the crowds that flocked to the final open rehearsal that traffic in London came to a standstill. This facsimile edition is rounded off with a contemporary account of the fireworks, décor and rockets employed, thereby conveying something of the majesty and magnificence of the occasion. It is also illustrated with various engravings showing extravagant sets for the fireworks display.

Christopher Hogwood, the renowned conductor and musicologist, has supplied an introduction in which he draws attention to two concertos related to the Fireworks Music: HWV 335a for trumpet and horns, and HWV 335b for horns and organ. These, too, are reproduced in facsimile.

- Facsimile of the autograph score in the British Library

- Bilingual edition in English and German

- Edited and with an introduction by Christopher Hogwood

-  Approx. 96 pages

Hogwood, Christopher
Baerenreiter Germany

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