Officium vespertinum Part II - Psalms II

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Michna Officium vespertinum Part II - Psalms II

The Officium vespertinum from 1648 consists of twenty-two pieces. The second volume comprises of nine psalms whose liturgical function is not unequivocal. Laetatus sum, Nisi Dominus, and Lauda Jerusalem were intended for Vespers of the Marian feasts, and their selection is evidently a result of the composer's ardent reverence for the Mother of God.  The other psalms, which Michna chose under the influence of impressions from the Thirty Years' War, are not linked to particular feasts.  Their texts appeal to God with a sense of trust and a plea for help: De profundis, Credidi, In convertendo, Domine, probasti me, and Memento Domine David.  

The very distinctive music of the Officium vespertinum is founded on the alternation of an expressively elaborated solo voice with a predominantly homophonic four-part chorus.  The soloist and chorus are both accompanied by organ and possibly other suitable instruments - above all trombones and cornets or string instruments.

The score is edited by Prof. Belsky, with a foreword and list of literature on Michna's works on Latin texts prepared by Dr. Sehnal.  The work is published with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.



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