Part Songs for Three and Four Mixed Voices

Haydn, Joseph

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Haydn Part Songs for Three and Four Mixed Voices

Die drei- und vierstimmigen Gesänge

This edition contains all Haydn's three and four part songs for mixed voices. They are all from Haydn's last most mature period, and are undoubtedly the best that he created in the genre of song - pieces of the highest value, cheerful, full of great urgency.

Since their structure also allows for performance by chorus they already belong to the standard repertoire of many choirs.

Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Dreistimmige Lieder [Haydn, Joseph]
  2. Betrachtung des Todes Hob. XXYb:3 [Haydn, Joseph]
  3. An den Vetter Hob. XXVb:1 [Haydn, Joseph]
  4. Vierstimmige Lieder [Haydn, Joseph]
  5. Die Beredsamkeit Hob. XXVc:4 [Haydn, Joseph]
  6. Warnung Hob. XXVc:6 [Haydn, Joseph]
  7. Alles hat seine Zeit Hob. XXVc:3 [Haydn, Joseph]
  8. Der Augenblick Hob. XXVc:1 [Haydn, Joseph]
  9. Die Harmonie in der Ehe Hob. XXVc:2 [Haydn, Joseph]
  10. Der Greis Hob. XXVc:5 [Haydn, Joseph]
  11. Wider den Übermut Hob. XXVc:7 [Haydn, Joseph]
  12. Abendlied zu Gott Hpb. XXVc:9 [Haydn, Joseph]
  13. Aus dem Dankliede zu Gott Hob. XXVc:8 [Haydn, Joseph]

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