Piano Sonata in A major (K.331) with the Rondo Alla Turca

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

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Mozart Piano Sonata in A major (K.331) wth the Rondo Alla Turca

Every once in a while new sources for Mozart’s works resurface.  It is, however, almost a miracle that within only three years two new sources to Mozart’s Sonata in A major, K.331 (300i) with the Alla Turca finale, one of the most popular works in the entire piano repertoire, were discovered.  After a section of the lost autograph was found a few years ago in Budapest, another important source came up for auction in Munich: a previously unknown contemporary copy by a professional Viennese copyist of Mozart’s complete autograph.  This exciting new finding has prompted us to issue an up-to-date revision of its new Urtext edition of this celebrated piece.

The copy allowed for the first time to reconstruct the autograph version of the A major sonata musicians thought to know so well: it is now possible to understand which musical text Mozart used himself when he performed the piece – including many variants in dynamics and articulation and also differences in notes, while the Allegrino only comprised 95 bars (instead of 127 as in the 1784 original edition).  For the first time Bärenreiter offers this version as a self-contained playable score.

Moreover, the Viennese copy confirms the editor’s assumption that the revised text of the first edition resulted from the change of target group from Mozart's inner circle to an audience of connoisseurs and amateurs.  However, this did not render the autograph text obsolete.  Editor Mario Aschauer offers a truly faithful urtext edition by presenting both versions of the Sonata separately without merging the sources editorially to a new text which never existed.  In the preface surprising new insights with regard to genesis, form, and source situation are given and illustrated by facsimiles.  Among others one of the most hotly debated questions concerning the Allegrino has been answered conclusively: the meaning of Mozart’s da capo indication.

Aschauer, Mario
Baerenreiter Germany

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