Piano Sonata in C minor Op.13 (Pathetique)

Beethoven, Ludwig van

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Beethoven Piano Sonata in C minor Op.13 (Pathetique)

Scholarly-critical performing Urtext edition based on most recent research

For advanced piano students, pianists and teachers

Optimum page turns and notes on performance practice

Detailed foreword (Ger/Eng) and critical commentary (Eng)

The "Pathétique" marks the beginning of the publication of all Beethoven piano sonatas by Bärenreiter in scholarly-critical Urtext editions.

This Sonata in C minor was his first large work in this genre and a prime example of the late 18th century sonata.  To this day it remains a source of fascination with its ardent pathos and emotional coherence.  While first sketches probably date back to 1796, Beethoven did not complete the sonata until 1798/99, shortly after his string trio in C minor, op. 9 from 1797/98.  He published the work in December 1799 in Vienna.

The Urtext edition of this famous sonata edited by the Beethoven expert Jonathan Del Mar remains faithful to the sources and reflects the latest research.  With its clear print and practical page turns, it will appeal to advanced piano students, pianists and teachers. It includes a historical foreword, a detailed critical commentary as well as informative notes on performance practice.

Del Mar, Jonathan
Baerenreiter Germany

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