Pictures at an Exhibition arranged for Woodwind Quintet

Mussorgsky, Modest

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Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition arranged for Woodwind Quintet (Score & Parts)
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet (in B-flat), Horn, Bassoon

Modest Mussorgsky (1839–1881) composed his piano cycle Pictures at an Exhibition (“Kartinki s vistavki”) in 1874 after attending an exhibition of pictures and drawings by the architect and draftsman Viktor Hartmann (1842–1873), in whose memory the exhibition was held posthumously in 1874.  Mussorgsky and Hartmann had been friends from 1870.  This cycle is Mussorgsky’s only piano work that has attained uncontested stature.  Besides its original form, it is generally known in the 1929 orchestral arrangement by Maurice Ravel.  However, many other arrangements also exist, including those by Pander and Stokowski, not to mention the rock version by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Thus, the woodwind quintet, with its variegated combination of timbres, has once again proved to be well-suited for making this music accessible to all admirers and practitioners of chamber music.

Linckelmann, Joachim
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Pictures at an Exhibition [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  2. Promenade [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  3. Gnomus (The Gnome) [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  4. Pomenade [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  5. Il vecchio Castello (The Old Castle) [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  6. Promenade [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  7. Tuilleries. Dispute d’enfants après jeux (The Tuileries. Dispute between Children after Play) [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  8. Bydlo (Cattle) [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  9. Promenade [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  10. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  11. "Samuel" Goldenberg and "Schmuÿle" [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  12. Promenade [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  13. Limoges. Le marché. La grande nouvelle (The Market at Limoges. The Big News) [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  14. Catacombae. Sepulcrum romanum (Catacombs. Roman Sepulcher) [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  15. The Hut on Hen's Legs (Baba-Yaga) [Mussorgsky, Modest]
  16. The Heroic Gate (in the Old Capital of Kiev) [Mussorgsky, Modest]

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