Romances for Violin and Orchestra Op.40 and Op.50 (Critical Commentary)

Beethoven, Ludwig van

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Beethoven Romances for Violin and Orchestra Op.40 and Op.50 (Critical Commentary)

Edited by internationally renowned Beethoven scholar, Jonathan Del Mar

Piano reduction which includes an Urtext solo part as well as an additional solo part with fingering and bowing

The score to Op.50 available in two versions

Detailed critical commentary (Eng)  

Beethoven’s Romances are performed all over the world, yet how many conductors, performers and listeners are aware that Op.50 which was incidentally composed before Op.40, comes down to us in an unfinished form?  The autograph score contains little to no articulation or dynamics and to the present day the work has existed only in highly over-edited publications.  The performer has no way of knowing what was originally intended by the composer.

Bärenreiter’s new Urtext edition of Opp.50 and 40 offers the score to Op.50 twice; the first score reflects the state of Beethoven’s autograph with editorial markings clearly indicated, the second score has been edited based on other works by Beethoven from that period.  This manner of publishing remains true to the sources and at the same time offers musicians a reliable transparent score for performances.

In addition to the Urtext solo part, a second solo part with fingering and bowing by Detlef Mahn is also included in the piano reduction.

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