Rondo for Violin and Strings in A major D 438 (Violin & Piano)

Schubert, Franz

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Schubert Rondo in A major for Violin and Strings D 438 Violin and Piano

A new edition of perhaps Schubert’s most charming work for violin

Includes straight-forward piano reduction

Urtext of the New Schubert Edition

Complementing Bärenreiter’s editions of the works for violin and piano based on the Urtext of the New Schubert Edition, comes Schubert’s utterly charming Rondo in A major for Solo Violin and Strings.

The Rondo, dated 1816 is a one movement work containing lyrical as well as virtuoso solo passages and can equally be performed with single strings or with a larger string ensemble.

Our new edition contains an informative introduction (Ger/Eng) by Schubert scholar Michael Kube who is also the arranger of the piano reduction.

Kube, Michael
Baerenreiter Germany

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