Rusalka Op.114 (Vocal Score)

Dvorák, Antonín

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Dvorak Rusalka Op.114 (Vocal Score)

Antonín Dvorák composed his penultimate and most well-known opera “Rusalka” in just seven months between April and November 1900.  The premiere took place on 31 March 1901 at the National Theatre in Prague under Karel Kovarovic.  Today, “Rusalka” is one of the most frequently performed works of the international opera scene.

More than sixty years after the Jarmil Burghauser edition, a new critical edition is presented here that brings the musical text of the opera up to today’s standards.  Editors Robert Simon and Jonáš Hájek worked not only with the autograph and the copy of the score from which the premiere and many subsequent performances were conducted, but also with three handwritten piano reductions directly connected to Dvorák, but unknown to Burghauser, as well as with sketches and other sources.  What is new compared to the previous edition is the consistent marking of editorial additions, the restoring of some of Dvorák’s original readings in the vocal text, and a detailed evaluation of the vi-de markings authorised by the composer.  At the same time variability is retained and conductors continue to have the option to make cuts.

- Critical new edition of Dvorák’s most famous opera

- Detailed evaluation of the vi-de markings

- Corrections in the original Czech vocal text

- Detailed Foreword on the genesis and reception of the opera (Eng/Cz/Ger) and a Critical Commentary (Eng) on the full score and libretto

- Full score (BA10438), vocal score (BA10438-90) and choral score (BA10438-91) available for sale

- Performance material (BA10438-72) available for hire

Hájek, Jonáš , Simon, Robert
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