Scene de Ballet Op.100 (Violin & Piano)

Bériot, Charles-Auguste de

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Beriot Scene de Ballet Op.100 (Violin & Piano)

The Belgian Charles Auguste de Bériot (1802-1870) was not only a violinist but also a teacher and composer.

Scène de Ballet, perhaps his best-known composition, is a favourite with violin students.  One such student was the young Itzhak Perlman, who included it in his collection Concertos from my Childhood.  The piece captivates with its beautiful melodies and refined rhythms.

The Editor
Kurt Sassmannshaus is a world-famous violin teacher with a professorship in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA).  He is also the founder of  the Great Wall Music Academy, an international summer camp for young string players in China.  He continues the family tradition of Early Start on the Violin, founded by his father Egon Sassmannshaus and published by Bärenreiter with editions in German and English.

The series Bärenreiter's Concert Pieces includes works for solo strings, usually the violin, but also viola and cello, all with piano accompaniment.

Sassmannshaus, Kurt
Baerenreiter Germany

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