Schütz-Werkverzeichnis - Schütz Catalogue of Works

Schütz, Heinrich

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Schütz-Werkverzeichnis - Schütz Catalogue of Works

In this catalogue of works at the cutting edge of scholarship, incipits make each work clearly identifiable and reveal its scoring.

In addition, the catalogue includes information on original prints/sources, extant copies, the layout of part books, the complete texts of the title pages, textual references, the works’ genesis and occasionsof composition, dedications, different editions and literature.  The numbering, which has been in use for decades, is retained and the works are arranged in ascending order according to SWV numbers so that each work can be easily located.

- Catalogue of works at the cutting edge of scholarship, with incipits to each work

- Clear layout

- By one of the most prominent Schütz scholars

Breig, Werner
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Preface, Introduction, Abbreviations, Library sigles, Catalogue raisonné, SWV 1-503, Appendix 1: Works attributed to Heinrich Schütz and handed down anonymously, Appendix 2: Works of doubtful authenticity, Appendix 3: Lost theatrical works, Appendix 4: Lost individual compositions, Appendix Literature, Texts set to music: Biblical, hymns, Index of individuals, titles of works and beginnings of texts

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Renaissance Period