Schabbes, Schabbes: Klezmer for 3 Clarinets

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Schabbes, Schabbes: Klezmer for 3 Clarinets
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Klezmer music is highly popular with clarinettists and audiences alike.  This volume gathers together eleven Yiddish melodies with the typical, slightly melancholy klezmer touch.

The impact is all the greater when they are played by three clarinets, enriching the harmonies and enlivening the overall effect.  All three parts are of equal – easy – technical difficulty so that the three players can choose and master any part they wish.  The more ambitious players are free to play ornamentations, embellishments and improvised solos typical of the klezmer style.

Goden, Peter
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Darkecho Eloikeinu
  2. Schabbes, Schabbes, Schabbes
  3. Papir is doch wayss
  4. Hobn mir a nigendl
  5. As der Rebbe lacht
  6. Das freyleche Schnayderl
  7. Wu is doss gessele?
  8. Gassn-nign
  9. Scherele
  10. Asoj wayt awek fun mir
  11. Di nessi-e

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