School of Bowing Technique Op.2 Vol.1: Exercises for the Right Arm

Sevcik, Otakar

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Sevcik School of Bowing Technique Op.2 Vol.1: Exercises for the Right Arm

New edition of a tutor that generations of violinists have grown up with

Fundamental work by a leading violin educator

Three volumes in increasing order of difficulty: easy – moderate – difficult

Methodological notes by the editor (Cz/Eng/Ger)

The School of Bowing Technique Op.2 is the second important violin tutor by Otakar Ševčík (1852–1934) and deals with the elementary technical demands of the right hand.  Divided into three sections, the tutor contains more than 4,000 systematically arranged bowing exercises in increasing order of difficulty.

This new edition of the School of Bowing Technique combines the original six volumes in groups of two.  It is largely based on the first edition, published in the early 20th century, and on other sources from Ševčík’s estate.  The editor, Jaroslav Foltýn, is a professor of violin at the Prague Conservatory, as was Ševčík himself.

Already published:

Otakar Ševčík
School of Violin Technique Op.1
Book 1 | 1st Position, BA 9552
Book 2 | 2nd–7th Position, BA 9553
Book 3 | Changing Positions, BA 9554
Book 4 | Exercises in Double Stops and Harmonics, BA 9555

Foltýn, Jaroslav
Baerenreiter UK

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20th Century
Czech, English, German