School of Violin Technique Op.1 Vol.3: Position Changing

Sevcik, Otakar

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Sevcik School of Violin Technique Op.1 Vol.3 (Position Changing)

New edition of a violin method which has been used by generations of violinists

Seminal work by a leading violin educator

Each book contains a methodological commentary by the editor (Cz/Eng/Ger)

The start of a series of new Bärenreiter publications of Ševcík’s principal works

Ševcík’s complete work covers every area of violin technique, from the most elementary level and special exercises concerning individual technical problems right through to analytical studies of the standard concertos.  Today, more than 130 years later, his “Violin School” still numbers among the most important teaching methods for violinists.

The new edition of Ševcík’s “School of Violin Technique” Op.1 comprises four books and is essentially based on the first edition published at the beginning of the twentieth century.  Other sources from Ševcík’s posthumous papers have also been taken into account.

Jaroslav Foltýn, violin professor at Prague Conservatory (like Ševcík at one time), has provided an accurate methodological commentary.

Foltýn, Jaroslav
Baerenreiter UK

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20th Century
Czech, English, German