Shining Forth for Trumpet in B-flat or C

Pintscher, Matthias

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Pintscher Shining Forth for Trumpet in B-flat or C (2008, 2012)

The composer writes about his trumpet piece: “Shining Forth” is a reference to a work created by Barnett Newman in 1961. It is a very strict, graphically inspired picture, with economical black lines on untreated canvas.

It is a homage, an 'obituary', a requiem for Barnett Newman's brother, whose Hebrew first name is Zerach, which means 'to rise' (of the sun). In recent years the trumpet has taken on a special role and importance for me, both in chamber music and in orchestral works or in a double concerto for two trumpets. It was time to create a solo piece for this instrument.

The music is very introspective in places, almost on the edge of tonelessness and lapsing into silence, a shrill (out)cry picks out the theme of the loss of a loved family member."

Baerenreiter Germany

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