Six Sonatas (BWV 1014-1019) (Violin & Piano)

Bach, Johann Sebastian

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J S Bach Six Sonatas (BWV 1014-1019) (Violin & Piano)

Bach’s six sonatas for Violin and obbligato Harpsichord form a unified cycle.  Each has its own profile and places its own demands upon the player.  This new edition is largely based on Bach’s “definitive version” as captured in the manuscript copy prepared by Johann Christoph Altnickol.

However, as this source is not absolutely secure with regard to dynamics, articulation, ornamentation and titles, the editor has also drawn in earlier copies prepared by Johann Friedrich Agricola and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

Substantial departures from the Altnickol MS appear on ossia staves; a list of alternative readings allows players to trace the provenance of each reading.  Sonatas BWV 1018 and 1019 are accompanied by early versions illustrating the various stages that these works passed through.

Peter Wollny’s detailed preface explains the sonatas’ significance to the history of their genre and provides a rich commentary on the transmission and evaluation of the sources.

Rounding off this Urtext edition is a violin part marked up for performance purposes by Andrew Manze.  Here the player will find fingerings and recommended ornaments as well as notes on performance practice.

- Score with violin and viola da gamba parts and an additional violin part prepared with fingerings and bowings by Andrew Manze

- All alternative readings included in the musical text as ossias

- With early versions of Sonatas BWV 1018 and 1019

Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Sonata in B minor BWV1014 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  2. Sonata in A major BWV1015 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  3. Sonata in E major [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  4. Sonata in C minor BWV1017 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  5. Sonata in F minor BWV1018 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  6. Sonata in G major BWV1019 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]

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