Sonata Op.9 Cello & Piano

Kabelac, Miloslav

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Kabelac Sonata Op.9 Cello & Piano

With this composition, Bärenreiter Praha launched the Complete Critical Edition of Works by Miloslav Kabelac, a prominent Czech composer who lived from 1908 to 1979.  The editor of this complete edition is a musicologist and a noted expert on Kabelac's work, Dr. Zdenek Nouza.  The outline of the edition is as follows: I. orchestral and concert compositions, II. compositions for solo voice or a chorus with orchestra or instrumental ensemble, III. songs with piano, choruses, children's choruses, IV. chamber compositions, V. compositions for piano and organ.

Sonata for cello and piano, which came into existence between years 1941-42, has never been published before.  Therefore, as part of the Complete Edition, this composition appears in print for the first time. Its edition is based on an authograph present in the Museum of Czech Music in Prague.  The prominent Czech cello player Daniel Veis, who also premiered the complete, four-movement version has revised the cello part of this edition.


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