Sonatas for Violin & Piano: The Mannheim, Paris, Salzburg Sonatas

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

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Mozart Sonatas for Violin & Piano: The Mannheim, Paris, Salzburg Sonatas

The first seven sonatas in this volume were composed by Mozart during his long visits to Mannheim and Paris between September 1777 and January 1779.  The eighth Sonata, K. 378 (317d), was probably written early in 1779 in Salzburg on his return from the journey.  The stimulus for their composition was apparently provided by the Divertimenti da camera by Joseph Schuster (1748–1812) which Mozart had first seen in the autumn of 1777 in Munich one of the stopping-places on his journey: “I am sending herewith for my sister 6 Duetti à Clavicembalo e Violino by Schuster.  I have often played them here.  They are not bad.  If I remain here I shall also compose six in this gusto because they are a great success here” (letter of October 6th, 1777).

- Urtext of the New Mozart Edition

Reeser, Eduard
Baerenreiter Germany


  1. Sonata in G major K.301 (293e) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  2. Sonata in E-flat major K.302 (293b) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  3. Sonata in C major K.303 (293c) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  4. Sonata in E minor K.304 (300c) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  5. Sonata in A major K.305 (293d) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  6. Sonata in D major K.306 (300l) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  7. Sonata in C major K.296 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  8. Sonata in B-flat major K.378 (317d) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

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