String Quartet No.4 (Score)

Trojahn, Manfred

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Trojahn String Quartet No.4 (Score)

A modern sequel to the music of the Romantic era.

The first movement hints at the chromatic of “Tristan”; cantilena lines convey a mournful scene.  It is succeeded by a brilliant scherzo with the cryptic title “Erste fremde Szene” (First Foreign/Unknown Scene – one is invited to solve this riddle), while the third movement, with its singing quality, is related to the first.

The final movement, a “Zweite fremde Szene” (“Second Foreign/Unknown Scene”), alludes to the “last dance” tradition, with its ironic undertones and the copious use of sixths, counterpointed with tarantella rhythms.

A rewarding, striking work, equally valuable for concerts combining older compositions with new works as for contemporary music programmes.
- Score (BA9378) and Parts (BA9378-22) available for sale

Baerenreiter Germany

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21st Century
String Quartet